December 31, 2011

Everybody loves moons on their heads...

Alright, here's my resto druid look.  Hiyacinth, a play on hyacinth, I created her after I discovered that I love healing.  Before 4.3 and all the new 5mans, this toon had the second best pvp and pve healing gear.  Just haven't had much time to beef up her gear with all this transmogging going around!

I've seen a lot of people running around with this helm but I still love it.  Plus, you can buy the token needed to purchase this from a vendor in Dalaran for a mere 770 JP.  Yay, no grinding required.  Also, I am a big fan of the super precious Moonkin Hatchling with this toon, even though it doesn't exactly match the outfit :p  I mean, come on, it flies with you, has cute animations, plants flowers for you sometimes and is adorable.

Item details ahead!

like I stated before, this is purchasable from a vendor in Dalaran with a token (which is also purchasable from a vendor in Dalaran for 770 JP)

drops from High Nethermancer Zerevor in Black Temple; got this from someone spamming in trade chat to fill a pug for BT and thought "what the heck, this should be fun"

purchasable from a vendor in Dalaran for 591 JP

AH snag, couldn't have been more than 10g

aw dang, looks like this isn't available in-game anymore!  LW friend of mine crafted it for me when I was trying to get my honor set from scratch so I'd look for a LW who has the recipe or hunt the AH.  this belt is temporary anyway...I think :p

this item is purchasable from the Cenarion Expedition quartermaster in Zangarmarsh and required Honored standing with them.  there are many other models with the same or similar color scheme.  this staff shows your equipped weapon's enchant: mine has Heartsong for now

AH buy, got these before I had an idea who to use them with (I have three leather-wearers) because I liked the look of them

Hope you like this look or any of my other one's so far and feel free to leave me comments or feedback :) 

Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR soon!!!