December 27, 2011

Internet, meet Nyxa

Back in the winter of 2008, I downloaded the free trial of World of Warcraft.  I never thought of myself as someone who would play wow but I had a secret wow nerd inside me just clawing to get out, apparently. Nyxa was the character I created when I took my first baby steps in Azeroth, though her race, name and realm were different then.  The idea of mages intrigued naive me so that's what I picked.  I can't recall the reason I picked Undead, probably because they are so badass looking, and I went with the name Bathoriana (after Elizabeth Bathory).  After a series of significant others who strictly play Alliance and the arrival of Cataclysm, I transferred her to Stormrage and she became Nyxa the Night Elf Mage.

While wandering around looking for Night Elven dig sites, I pieced together this Scandalous Silk Nightgown and immediately cursed the shitty Azerothian dirt it deteriorated in; the damn thing wasn't equippable!  Now that the Blizzard gods have bestowed us with the power to transmogrify, I can't help but wonder what this nightgown would look like if I could equip it.  Thus, the name of this blog was born.

Ok, onto the good stuff.

As a frost mage most of the time, I wanted a look to incorporate blues that would align with the color of her hair and trusty Water Elemental side-kick.  I had this sweet Ebonweave Robe in my bank still and thought, "Hell yes I can base an outfit around this!" until I started digging around the interwebs for things to match it.  Thank heavens for this site I stumbled upon: Warcraft Barbie.  And here is my inner monologue while reading that post: Omg someone took the time to put together a list of things that go with my robe!  Oh wait, the shoulders only drop in Naxx.  Shit.  I can't solo Naxx and my guild hasn't been doing transmog runs lately.  F.  OH LOOK there are shoulders from a quest that match the blue that chest is craftable...I wonder if my tailor can make it?  OMG SHE CAN!

So, I farmed the mats and made the chest and hands and set about gathering all the other pieces up.  All the pieces to this outfit are as follows:
crafted by a tailor

reward from quest "Hour of the Worg" in Grizzly Hills

 drops from King Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle (H)

crafted by a tailor

The shoes I have equipped aren't perfect matches but you can't see much of them anyway so use your own judgement or the Warcraft Barbie post's suggestion :p  Next, weapons:

drops from Mennu the Betrayer in the Slave Pens (H)

130 JP from G'eras in Shattrath City

And there it is.  The most annoying part of getting this set together was the items that only dropped in heroic mode dungeons.  Those damn lockouts make grinding more frustrating but totally worth it for this look.  Happy 'mogging!